Xtract Melamine utility pads 4.5x10 inch rectangle ez erase case of 20 pads by Cleaning Stuff 4510XTMLM GW

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Xtract Melamine Scrub Pads.

  • Cleans Tile, Shallow Grout With Water Only. Removes Black Marks without removing floor finish beneath.
  • Xtract Melamine Pads are soft, sponge like material similar to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser melamine hand pads, but with a bonded, durable top layer to increase life and adhere to the pad holder.
  • For use with utility pad holders 4x10 inches. (CLICK HERE)
  • Xtract Melamine Pads provide significant cleaning capability without harsh chemicals that remove floor finish as well as dirt.
  • Durable design last up to 5,000 square feet on smooth floors.
  • Use on Ceramic and Porcelain Tile, VCT, Epoxy, Concrete, Synthetic Wood Flooring, Terrazzo, Stone and Rubber Floors.
  • Use with plenty of water, keep pad well saturated for best results.
  • Works great with just water, but can also be used with low pH floor cleaners.
  • 4.5x10 Inch Rectangle.
  • 1 Inch Thick.
  • Case Of 20 Pads.

To View Demonstration Video (CLICK HERE).