Franklin F375418 tet number 2 neutral floor cleaner concentrate 32oz bottles Case of 3

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Tet Neutral Floor Cleaner Number 2 Tet Concentrate 32oz Bottles Yield 32 Four Gallon Buckets Or 32 Eight Gallon Autoscrubber Tanks case of 3 Bottles F375418.

Ultra-concentrated products provide portion-controlled dilution. Lightweight, compact packaging transports easily between job sites and to the nearest water supply
Simply squeeze the bottle and the exact amount of concentrate fills interior cup chamber; pour into dispensing container and add water
Saves money, time and labor while ensuring consistent, no waste results.
Low-foaming cleaner cleans effectively without dulling finish. Rinse-free and biodegradable. Citrus fragrance. Quart bottle yields 32 four-gallon buckets (1:512) or 32 eight-gallon automatic scrubber tanks (1:1024).

T.E.T. Neutral Cleaner is specially designed to safely clean finished floors. It is environmentally friendly and leaves no dulling residue to haze or harm the finish gloss. Autoscrubber application requires no additional mopping and produces very little foam in recovery tanks.


  1. Remove cap and seal.
  2. Squeeze bottle and fill the portion control cup. Excess cleaner will automatically flow back into the bottle.
  3. Pour the contents of the cup into the automatic scrubber solution tank. Fill the automatic scrubber with 8 gallons of water (1:1024 ratio). In bucket, dilute one cup with 4 gallons of water (1:512 ratio).
  4. Clean using an automatic scrubber or mop and bucket.

3 Bottles per Case. 32-oz. Bottle.

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